Friday 31 March 2017

Samurai DBA Army - Kiso Clan

Andy's Birthday gift from me this year was this Samurai DBA Army (the Post-Mongol Samurai list, Book IV list 59a).  I painted it to represent the Kiso Clan that lived in the Kai Province of feudal Japan, near to Mount Fuji.  The figures are a mixture of Essex, Irregular and Two Dragons Miniatures.

The Army's camp is a 'Daibutsu' or Giant Bronze Buddha statue
The model is a stone statuette painted to represent bronze with a patina of age

'Sohei' warrior monks (Blades in DBA)

Ashigaru followers (Auxilia in DBA)

Samurai on foot (Blades)

Samurai Archers

The General on foot, with katana and sharp-edged metal war fan

The general's figure is a Two Dragon's miniature body with a head swap from an Essex Samurai
Mounted Samurai

The mounted General

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