Sunday 5 November 2023

League of Constance 15mm DBA Army

My stock of Mirliton Miniatures also allowed me to field a League of Constance Army.  This is one of the Later Swiss variants (Book IV, 79c) and depicts the army under Duke Rene of Lorraine, Victor of the battle of Nancy in 1477 where he smashed the Burgundians under Charles the Bold.

This army combines pike and (one) blade, with knights, including a double-based knights element.

Duke Rene of Lorraine leads his host

The heavy foot - Swiss and Alliance Pikemen and Halberdiers from Basel dressed in black and white

The general and his French volunteer knights in the foreground and Knights from Basel in the background

Later Swiss 15mm DBA Army

Finally managed to finish a 15mm Later Swiss DBA army (list: Book IV 79a).  This has been a very long time in the making.  The figures are from Mirliton Miniatures, bought originally for the Field of Glory rules a few years ago.  I have opted for the double-based fast Blade option (6Bd) - not least because it allowed me to paint more flags!

The full army: Pike General plus 3 Pike, 2 Psiloi, and 6 double-based Fast Blade Halberdiers

The central stand was originally designed to be a Field of Glory General but is now a Fast Blades.

The flags are (from left to right) the cantons of Zug, Schwyz, Berne and Zurich

The General (Pike) with the canton flags of Schaffhausen and Oberwald, with skirmishing crossbowmen (Psiloi)