Friday 5 April 2024

Sassanid Persian 15mm DBA Army

Over Easter I managed to finish painting a Sassanid DBA army that I've been working on (on and off) for nearly 2 years.  Aside from being interested in the army of Shaper I itself, I'm a big fan of AB Miniatures so have worked my way through their ancient ranges (these, plus the Classical Greeks - shame that they don't do more).

The photos below show the army (Book II/69b - 225 - 493 AD) with all the options.  The Asavaran bow and lance cavalry can be swapped for elephants, horse archers, psiloi, or Dailami/Hillmen auxilia.

Shaper I at the front of his army

The slingers, levy foot (Solid Hordes in DBA) and auxiliary

Horse archers

Shapur I with the Derafsh Kaviani Royal Standard of the House of Sassan and his Cataphracts

The Asavaran cavalry host