Monday 6 May 2024

Trojan DBA Camp

Managed to find a nice model to represent the gates of Troy as the camp for my 15mm Trojan army.  The model is resin and from Leven Miniatures.

The model comes with gates that can be positioned closed or open

In action with the Trojan DBA army - facing off against James' Minoans

The rear view

Hector rides out

Friday 5 April 2024

Sassanid Persian 15mm DBA Army

Over Easter I managed to finish painting a Sassanid DBA army that I've been working on (on and off) for nearly 2 years.  Aside from being interested in the army of Shaper I itself, I'm a big fan of AB Miniatures so have worked my way through their ancient ranges (these, plus the Classical Greeks - shame that they don't do more).

The photos below show the army (Book II/69b - 225 - 493 AD) with all the options.  The Asavaran bow and lance cavalry can be swapped for elephants, horse archers, psiloi, or Dailami/Hillmen auxilia.

Shaper I at the front of his army

The slingers, levy foot (Solid Hordes in DBA) and auxiliary

Horse archers

Shapur I with the Derafsh Kaviani Royal Standard of the House of Sassan and his Cataphracts

The Asavaran cavalry host

Saturday 23 March 2024

Medieval DBA Camp

Recently finished this 15mm Medieval Tower from Baueda to serve as a baggage or camp element or a Built Up Area for medieval armies.  The tower is 40mm x 40mm at the base and can fit a 40mm x 40mm element on top.

The door is scratch-built from cardboard and metal.  Some Medieval Swiss 15mm figures on top for scale.

Saturday 20 January 2024

Great Sumerian Revolt 15mm DBA Army

Recently finished an Early Sumerian DBA army - a Xmas present from Andy - from the lovely Museum Miniatures 'Z' range.  This is the first army list in the DBA Book, representing the northern coalition army of the 'Great Revolt' of Sumer against Akkad in 2250BC, led by Ipkhur-Kishi of Kish.  I particularly like the proto-chariot 'battle cars' and 'straddle cars' drawn by asses rather than horses (which equate to knights and cavalry in DBA terms).  The figures are painted in acrylics and gloss varnished.  The baggage element is scratch-built.

The army with options

The baggage element mini-ziggurat

Solid Bow

Slingers (Psiloi)

Ipkhur-Kishi of Kish in his Battle Car

Straddle Cars (equivalent to Light Chariots or Cavalry)

Levy Foot (Solid Hordes)