Sunday 9 September 2018

Early Imperial Roman DBA Army

Next up in the collection of DBA armies that I painted for my friends' birthdays is this Early Imperial Roman army for Orhan.  The figures are mostly by 'Forged in Battle' but there are also some Xyston and Essex in there too.  The photos below cover all the options for the army except for camels.  There is also a choice of regular legions or the Prateorian cohorts.

The Emperor and Praetorian Cavalry (Equites Singulares) on the left, and Legion Cavalry (Equites Alares) on the right

The Praetorian Guard cohorts

The Legions

Legion artillery - the Onager

Part of the baggage train
Asian (on the left) and Numidian (on the right) Light Horse

Slingers and Javelin Psiloi skirmishers at left and right, and Warband 'Symmachiari' in the centre 

Auxiliary cohorts

Saturday 10 March 2018

Alexandrian Imperial DBA Army

Finally got round to posting these photos of a Macedonian army that I gave David as a birthday present in November 2017.  At his request, these form an 'Alexandrian Imperial' DBA army - representing the army of Alexander at the height of his power following his conquest of Persia.  The Macedonian troops wear more regular uniforms with some Eastern elements (for example, some of the pikemen now wear trousers).  The 15mm figures are by Xyston Miniatures, painted in acrylics and gloss varnished.
Alexander leads the charge

Bolt-throwing artillery

War elephant

'Argyraspides' - 'Silver Shield' elite pikemen

Persian archers



Asian Light Horse

The baggage

Alexander at the head of his Companion cavalry

More Phalangites

The complete DBA army with the variant options