Sunday 25 December 2016

Ancient German DBA Army

For Andy's Christmas present this year I painted him an Ancient German DBA army to take on his Romans.  In DBA the General can either be Cavalry or Warband.  The rest of the army is Warband apart from the single element of Archers which count as Psiloi.  The figures are by Essex and the huts are by Baueda.

Ancient Spanish DBA Army

Finally got round to painting an Ancient Spanish General to complete a DBA army.  The troops are by Corvus Belli miniatures, the General and his escort by Xyston. 

The General and his escort on a craggy outcrop

Swordsmen (Auxilia in DBA terms)

Light Horse

Javelinmen (Psiloi in DBA terms)
The complete DBA Army of 12 elements

Saturday 3 December 2016

Later Achaemenid Persian DBA Army

I recently finished painting the additional elements necessary to complete a later Persian DBA army with all the variant options.  The figures are Xyston miniatures, apart from the mercenary Greek hoplites which are AB miniatures.

Kardakes Spearmen (Auxilia)

The baggage - a Persian camel train

The heavy cavalry

Light cavalry

Armoured cavalry

The general and his escort - at some point I'll get hold of Darius in his chariot, but until then this model can represent a regional Satrap

Horse Archers

Scythed chariot with armoured driver

Mercenary Greek hoplites in Persian service

Local levies

Persian slinger

The whole army

Sunday 2 October 2016

Persian Auxilia

Adding a few elements to some existing Seleucid figures to create a Late Achaemenid Persian army for DBA.  These are Persian 'Kardakes' elite auxilia.  The 15mm figures are by Xyston.