Friday 31 March 2017

Samurai DBA Army - Hojo Clan

This Hojo Clan Samurai army is James' early birthday present this year and is the matching counterpart to Andy's (DBA List IV/59a) - ready to contest the Shogunate.  The Hojo ruled Izu province in Japan and led the campaign that repulsed the Mongol invasion.  The figures are a mix of Irregular and Essex Miniatures.

'Sohei' Warrior Monks (Blades)

Samurai Archers

Ashigaru followers (Auxilia)

General on foot with Samurai (Blades)

More Samurai archers

Another 'Daibutsu' giant bronze Buddha statue as the camp

Mounted General

Samurai DBA Army - Kiso Clan

Andy's Birthday gift from me this year was this Samurai DBA Army (the Post-Mongol Samurai list, Book IV list 59a).  I painted it to represent the Kiso Clan that lived in the Kai Province of feudal Japan, near to Mount Fuji.  The figures are a mixture of Essex, Irregular and Two Dragons Miniatures.

The Army's camp is a 'Daibutsu' or Giant Bronze Buddha statue
The model is a stone statuette painted to represent bronze with a patina of age

'Sohei' warrior monks (Blades in DBA)

Ashigaru followers (Auxilia in DBA)

Samurai on foot (Blades)

Samurai Archers

The General on foot, with katana and sharp-edged metal war fan

The general's figure is a Two Dragon's miniature body with a head swap from an Essex Samurai
Mounted Samurai

The mounted General

Thursday 16 March 2017

Carthaginian Elephants

The next couple of elements for the Carthaginian DBA Army - Hannibal's war elephants.  The figures are 15mm Essex Miniatures.