Sunday 24 April 2016

New Kingdom Egyptian DBA Army

Having finished the Hittites, I thought I'd dig out and photograph their historical opponents - the New Kingdom Egyptian army of Ramesses II.  I painted these 14 years ago in 2002 for the Anderida DBM tournament (the figures shown here are 12 elements suitable for DBA; I have the complete DBM army in boxes under my desk, and the trophy for 'Best Painted Army' too).  The figures are admirably chunky Gladiator Miniatures.  The Stargate was my whimsical baggage element - scratch built, with Irregular Miniatures soldiers (I think).

All ready then for a DBA re-enactment of Kadesh...

Ramesses leads the charge

Heavy axemen and psiloi
Not entirely historically accurate...

The corps of archers

Hittite DBA Army

The Hittite DBA army is now finished, ready to recreate the Battle of Kadesh in 1274BC.  King Muwatalli II leads his heavy and light chariots, spearmen and light troops against the Egyptians.  Thanks again Andy for the Xmas present!

Muwatalli II in full bronze scale armour at the head of his army

Hittite Chariots

Three flavours of Hittite chariot finished - the King's chariot with armoured horses, 2 heavy chariots, and 1 light chariot.  Appropriately these are 15mm Chariot Miniatures.

Heavy Chariot - 3 crew and armoured horses

Another heavy chariot with 3 crew and armoured horses

The King's heavy chariot - again 3 crew and armoured horses

The 2 crew light chariot

The full chariot wing

Sunday 17 April 2016

Hittite Psiloi

Although I've now finished the full 12 elements of Hittites, I'm still basing the chariots, so in the interim here are the 2 elements of Psiloi (safe from enemy chariots in rocky ground...).  Again, the figures are finely proportioned and detailed 15mm Chariot Miniatures.