Sunday 10 September 2017

Samurai DBA Army - Ikko Ikki

Finally found time to post up this DBA army that I painted up over the summer - a force of Ikko Ikki Buddhist warrior monks.  The DBA army lists include Ikko Ikki (which my spellcheck keeps wanting to correct to 'Ikea'...) as a handful of DBA elements within an overall Samurai army, but I decided to use warrior monks for all the elements in the list to represent the major Ikko Ikki armies that fought in the Battles of Kuzuryugawa and Sendanno in the early 1600s.  The figures are by Two Dragons miniatures and as ever are painted in acrylics and gloss varnished.

The whole army with the Daibutsu (Giant Buddha) camp

Bowmen - armoured monks for the 4Bw and a mix of unarmoured monks and a musket man for the 3Bw
Blades - armoured monks with 'yari' (spears) and swords

More Blades - a more irregular group of monks both armoured and unarmoured

Armed peasant Auxilia

The leader - an unnamed monk.  The figure is of Uesugi Kenshin, a famous Buddhist Samurai.

Cavalry - armed with bow and 'naginata'

The leader on foot with war fan (solid metal with a cutting edge like a cleaver...) and giant conch-shell blowing trumpeter

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