Monday 26 December 2022

Theban - Later Hoplite Greek - DBA Army

For a number of years I've been meaning to paint up the set of Later Hoplite Greek Armies for DBA using the lovely AB Miniatures hoplites.  First off the production line are the Thebans, complete with double-based Spear elements (ready for the Battle of Leuctra in 371BC).  I opted to go for variety in the shield blazons and not paint them all with the Hercules Club, the emblem of Thebes.  The cavalry and peltast figures are by Xyston.  Will have to get on and build a camp/baggage element.

Peltasts (Psiloi) by Xyston Miniatures

Slingers (Psiloi) by AB Miniatures

Cavalry by Xyston

The General Epamonidas and the Sacred Band (AB Miniatures)

Another element of double-based Spears

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