Saturday 1 January 2022

'Black Sheep' Turkoman 15mm DBA Army

Managed to (finally) finish this DBA army over the Christmas break - a 15mm 'Black Sheep' Turkoman army: DBA Book IV/77 dating from the late 14th Century.  The Black Sheep (Qara-Qoyunlu) were a confederation of Turkoman and Kurdish clans that ruled over Azerbaijan and Iraq.  The army is mostly armoured lance and bow -armed cavalry with some light horse and foot archers.  The figures are by Essex Miniatures, painted in acrylics and gloss varnished.

The complete army

The General - a cavalry element

The standard bearer carries the flag of the Qara-Qoyunlu

Turkoman Horse Archers and Light Horse

Tirkash-ban armoured horse archers (cavalry)

Pushan-Push Armoured Cavalry

Qullughchi Armoured Cavalry

Bowmen and Handgunners (3 or 4 Bow elements and Psiloi in DBA terms)

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  1. Great work on the shields - I'm afraid I strictly a transfer guy these days